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विष दोष: सरल ज्योतिष समाधान 

ज्योतिष में, शनि और चंद्रमा को विशेष ग्रह माना जाता है। जबकि शनि बहुत धीमे गति से चलता है और लगभग दो और आधे वर्ष में राशि बदलता है, तो चंद्रमा लगभग हर दो दिन में ही राशि बदल जाता है। जब कुंडली में शनि और चंद्रमा एक साथ आते हैं, तो वह एक विशेष …

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Share Market Report

Graha Vyāpāra Darpaṇa: Charting Financial Destiny with Astrology Here we use the power of stars to guide your investments. Our insights help you navigate market trends, making your financial journey smoother and more successful. Invest wisely with the cosmic wisdom of astrology!”


Health Report

 Svasthya Shakti: Loaded with Joy” This special guide looks at your body and mind, giving you helpful insights and solutions for a happy and fit life. Let’s walk the path to a balanced and thriving you together!”


Business & Profession

 Discover Success: Light up Your Business & Career Path with Precision. Your Future is Waiting – Let Wisdom Lead Your Way Uncover how stars impact your career. Get a roadmap for your ventures, explore planetary influences, find growth sweet spots, and tackle challenges. Whether a pro or a newbie, this report reveals how celestial forces …

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Kundali Milan

 Seeking The Roadmap To Your Dreams? Kundali Milan for Blissful Vivaha” Kundali Matching is a special way to see if two people are a good marriage match. It looks at how the planets were placed in their birth charts. By comparing these charts, astrologers can tell if the couple will have a happy and harmonious …

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Spiritual Journey

Srimad Bhagavatam, 7th Skandha, chapter 7, speaks of 12 supreme signs we may recognise Self: “Atman is eternal and without decay. It is pure and one. It is the witness and refuge. It is without transformation and self-illuminating. It is the cause behind all causes and is pervasive. It is not touched or covered by …

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