Transform Your Spaces:
Expert Vastu Consultation with Rajat Singal

Experience the transformative power of Vastu as Rajat Singal guides you in harmonizing your home and workplace. His expert consultations provide actionable insights, ensuring a positive and uplifting atmosphere in every corner.

Transform Your Spaces: Vastu Consultation with Rajat Singal

Experience the transformative power of Vastu as Rajat Singal guides you in harmonizing your home and workplace.

Residential Vastu

Balancing Your Abode: Residential Vastu

Residential Vaastu is essential for the overall well-being and prosperity of individuals and families. Beyond aesthetics, it focuses on balancing energies within a home. 

A Vaastu-compliant residence to contribute to physical health, positive atmospheres, and harmonious relationships, fostering unity and understanding among family members.

It attracts positive energies for financial prosperity and aligns spaces for career success.

Additionally, a Vaastu-compliant home aims to provide a serene, stress-free living environment, enhancing mental peace. Adhering to residential Vaastu is seen as a holistic approach to creating a thriving and balanced living space.

Choosing the right Vaastu for your property involves conducting a date of birth analysis for the head of the family. 

This ensures not only growth but also opens up more options for earning, recollecting your sources, and utilizing your skills for personal development.

Layout Plan

Share Your House Map and get consultation, Starting  ₹5,100/-

Residential Visit

Residential Visit services are Starting ₹11 per sq. ft. (min ₹21,000).

Industrial Vastu

Enhance Your Business Aura: Workplace Vastu Consultation

The proper placement of machinery within industrial setups is a critical factor in determining success.

Even minor mistakes in machinery placement can result in substantial losses. Industrial Vaastu is distinct from commercial Vaastu.

It is indispensable to prevent issues such as increased costs, repairs, debts, legal complications, and disputes with labor. 

The shape of the industrial plot is also a pivotal factor influencing overall success.

Several large-scale industries have experienced significant breakdowns attributed to minor Vastu doshas.

Embracing Industrial Vastu principles is essential to ensure harmony and pave the way for success in industrial ventures.

Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu Visit services are Starting ₹21 per sq. ft. (min ₹31,000).

Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu Visit services are Starting ₹31 per sq. ft. (min ₹51,000).

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Frequently Asked Questions

It examines energy flow in your home or workplace based on Vastu principles to improve harmony, prosperity, and well-being.

Vastu remedies work for both existing structures and new constructions. Consultants offer personalized recommendations to correct imbalances and improve energy flow.

You need to book your consultation at least a week in advance.

Yes, It can improve health, relationships, and finances by creating a positive environment for physical and mental well-being, as well as prosperity.

Yes, you can ask questions related to the visit that has been completed.

Fore more details you can contact or whatsapp us on 8585984141.


The consultant provides ideas and suggestions during consultations based on personal opinions, without reliance on any mystical practices like “yantra,” “mantra,” or “tantra.” The advice does not guarantee specific outcomes or confer legal rights on the recipient. Conferences and talks similarly do not assure positive results, as they depend on the client’s karma and destiny.

Results are not guaranteed within a fixed timeframe, and the consultant cannot be held liable for success or failure. The recipient is advised not to initiate legal actions against the consultant. If not the intended recipient, any disclosure or reliance on the information is prohibited.

The consultant does not sell Vaastu remedies, and their use is at the client’s discretion, with no entitlement to claim against the consultant for unsatisfactory results.

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