Vastu Mastery for Personal and
Professional Success

Dive into the ancient wisdom of Vastu to enhance prosperity, health, and success in every aspect of your life.

Vastu Mastery for Personal and
Professional Success

Dive into the ancient wisdom of Vastu to enhance prosperity, health, and success in every aspect of your life.

Mastering Vastu Shastra:
Crafting Spaces for Prosperity

Begin an enlightening journey with our Vastu course, where ancient wisdom seamlessly integrates with practical applications to shape harmonious living spaces. Dive into the profound principles of Vastu, enhancing prosperity, health, and success in your life.

Whether you’re starting anew or seeking to deepen your understanding, our course expertly guides you through the art and science of Vastu. Discover holistic solutions, blending tradition with modern living, and unlock the secrets to cultivating a balanced and positive living environment. Join us and explore the transformative power of Vastu for a life filled with harmony and well-being.

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A basic Vastu course covers the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design. The curriculum includes an introduction to Vastu, understanding the five elements and eight directions, Vastu Purusha Mandala, site selection guidelines, building design principles, application of the five elements in architecture, room-wise Vastu considerations for homes and guidelines for business and commercial spaces.

The course also addresses remedies for common Vastu doshas, provides case studies for practical application, explores the integration of Vastu with modern architecture, and includes a comparative study with Feng Shui.

Duration: 7 SESSIONS + 1 Q&A (2 MONTHS)
Online:  ₹5,100
Offline:  ₹31,000



An advanced Vastu course goes beyond the basics, delving into intricate aspects of Vastu Shastra. It covers advanced topics like nakshatras, sophisticated remedies for Vastu doshas, energy grids, and applying astrology in Vastu planning.

The curriculum includes detailed studies of specific Vastu texts, advanced techniques for energy balance, and an exploration of sacred geometry. advanced case studies, research methodologies, and practical applications in complex architectural scenarios.

Duration: 21 SESSIONS + 2 Q&A (3 MONTHS)
Online:  ₹31,000
Offline:  ₹1,51,000

Unlocking the Benefits: What's Included in Your Package?

7 Sessions + 1 QNA
(2 Months)

Study Material for
Future Revisions

A Certificate for
Formal Recognition

1 Horoscope Reading
Case Study

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not necessary. We will cover this topic in other levels.

Yes, you can. We will conduct sessions at times that are convenient for everyone.

No, you are required to pay in advance. However, in case of emergencies, you can pay 50% fees + 18% GST upfront, and the remaining amount can be paid after attending two sessions.

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