How to celebrate Navratri?

Navratri: The Fabulous 9-Day Celebration for Hindu Folks in Autumn!

So, Navratri is this super colourful 9-day bash for Hindu peeps during fall, all about worshipping Goddess Durga in her 9 amazing forms. It’s like the coolest holiday ever, and guess what? You can join in on the fun no matter where you are! Because, you know, who doesn’t spiritually love fun, right? 😄🎉

  1. Engaging in Spiritual Growth:

Make time for longer meditation sessions. During Navratri, reflecting on your religious and spiritual beliefs is crucial. 

  • If you don’t usually meditate every day, try to dedicate at least 15 minutes each day during these 9 days to calm your mind and focus on your inner self.
  • If you already meditate daily, consider extending your meditation and prayer time each day.
  • If finding time for meditation is challenging, try doing it in the morning after waking up or in the evening before going to bed. These times are ideal for introspection since you’re naturally more relaxed and contemplative.

  1. Light an Akhand Jyot:

Light an Akhand Jyot in front of a picture or statue of Goddess Durga. This flame, known as Akhand Jyot, burns for a long time once ignited. Throughout the 9 nights of celebration, keep the lamp burning as a way to honour Goddess Durga.

If you’re worried about leaving the flame unattended when you’re not at home, you can use an electric candle instead while you’re away. Just remember to relight the traditional lamp once you return.

  1. Recite a Gayatri Mantra three times per day:

This is one of the significant spiritual practices during Navratri, done in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

  • During your prayers and meditation, repeat this mantra either silently or aloud to focus on creation, unity, and life.
  • The mantra commonly chanted is “Om buhr, bhuva, swaha, om tat savitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dheemahi, dhiyo yonaha prachodayat,” which means “Let us meditate on that excellent glory of the divine vivifying Sun, May he enlighten our understandings.”
  • Some traditional Hindu believers suggest that women refrain from chanting the Gayatri Mantra because of its immense power, which they

believe could be harmful to them. However, it’s your choice how you wish to worship.

  1. Perform Aarti:  

Offering Aarti is a way to honour Durga during the celebration. 

  • Soak the wicks of a few lamps in clarified butter and light them. Then, gently wave the lit wicks in front of the image or statue of Durga while saying a short prayer to express your love and respect.
  • Some people also choose to bow while saying their prayer as a sign of devotion. You can decide how you want to perform the offering based on your preference.

      5. Purify your body by doing Fast:

There are several ways to fast during Navratri.

  • One approach involves eating only fruits and drinking milk for all nine days. 
  • Another method is to refrain from eating on the first, fourth, and seventh days of the celebration. 
  • Some individuals opt for a fast where they eat only one vegetarian meal each day, avoiding garlic and onions in their preparation.
  • If at any point you feel unable to continue fasting during Navratri, it’s perfectly acceptable to stop fasting and return to your regular diet.


Navratri is a spiritual phase of the month, fasting during Navratri is considered so auspicious. Navratri fasting is a meaningful and beautiful tradition that allows individuals to explore their inner selves, connect them with the divine and experience spiritual growth. “Navratri isn’t just about skipping meals, but about nourishing your spirit with a feast of spirituality.” 😊❤️🌈🎉 


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