Holashtak: Understanding Black Magic and Signs of Being Bewitched 

Holi is well known as the festival of colours and is awaited by everyone with a lot of excitement. But hold onto your hats, folks, let me enlighten you with the mind-blowing revelation about Holi. Did you know that Holi is a 9-day festival and not just one? Yes! You heard it right, 9 days of fun…or wait, maybe not.

The first eight days of Holi aren’t about celebrations, they are the dark days of anticipation when we eagerly wait for the real fun to begin. It is like something good is happening after waiting eight days of inauspicious muhurat.

According to the wise folks following the Purnimant calendar in North India, this pre-Holi phase is called Holashtak. It starts from the ‘Ashtami tithi’ of ‘Shukla paksha’ of ‘Phalgun’ month and continues till the ‘Purnima tithi’. 

The word “Holashtak” comes from “Holi,” which is a colourful festival, and “Ashtak,” meaning eight. So, Holashtak refers to the eight days just before Holi, the festival of colours.

The mythological reason behind Holashtak

According to popular myths, Holashtak days are considered unlucky for a few reasons. One story involves Kamadeva, who angered Lord Shiva and got punished during these days. Kamadeva’s wife, Rati, prayed to Lord Shiva to return him. That’s why these days are seen as unfortunate.

Another tale tells of Prahlada, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, who worshipped him for eight days during Holashtak and received divine blessings.

These stories explain why Holashtak days are considered less lucky and why people are cautious during this time.

The scientific reason behind Holashtak

Holi is not just about religion, festivities and mythology. There is also a scientific reason why all auspicious work is prohibited during Holashtak. According to scientific beliefs, negative energy enters nature from the Ashtami tithi of Phalguna Shukla Paksha. Therefore, doing any auspicious work is avoided during this period. 

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Do’s and Don’ts during Holashtak

  • Collect some wood sticks, which will absorb all negative energies from

your home, and burn them on holika dahan.  

  • Donate food, and clothes to the needy, it will bring you luck. 
  • Clean your home using Gangajal, it will remove negative energy.
  • Meditate, pray, and chant, it will help you attain good luck and wishes.
  • Chant Katyayani Mantra to find a better groom for your daughter.
  • If someone passes away, “Shanti Kriya” should be performed before the last rites. 
  • Marriage is considered inauspicious during this period.
  • Moving into new houses may bring negative energies.
  • Naming a newborn, or any auspicious rituals are avoided in this period.
  • During holashtak, starting a new business or any new work should be avoided.
  • In this period, newly married women should not live with in-laws.

Period of black magic during Holashtak

So, according to the top Astrologers in India, Holashtak is like the ultimate bad luck week. They say it’s when all the planets decide to go crazy and negativity hangs around like a bad smell. And guess what? This is when people start suspecting that someone’s been doing some black magic.

So, let’s talk about how to figure out if you’re stuck in someone’s evil spell because apparently, bad luck isn’t just bad luck anymore – it’s someone else’s doing! As of March 17th, 2024, which falls on a Wednesday, the Holashtak drama begins. Here are some questions to think about: Are you having more bad luck than usual? Does it feel like you’re in the middle of a crazy movie plot? It’s like being on a weird game show where you didn’t sign up but still end up playing!

Here are a couple of questions, you should ask yourself to find out if you are bewitched by someone or not: 

Impact of bewitching

The joys of curses, spells, and black magic! They’re like troublesome gifts, sent to mess up your life. You see, these magical tricks have one simple aim: to make things go wrong for you, your loved ones, and anyone else around.

Let’s talk about the effects of these magical misadventures:

1. Feeling under the weather? That’s poor health for you!

2. Arguments with your loved ones? Blame it on the bewitchment!

3. Ever feel like life’s just a big, dark hole? That’s depression, thanks to the curse!

4. Wallet feeling a bit lighter? wealth loss!

5. Family drama? You guessed it – it’s the magic at work!

These spells and curses are like slow-acting poison. They creep into your life, bit by bit until they’ve taken over completely. And guess what? In today’s modern world, where science rules supreme, not everyone believes in magic. But hey, there are still some wise folks out there who know a thing or two about positive and negative energies.

Good old India, the land of ancient wisdom! Here, people know a thing or two about energies – whether they’re good or bad. And if you find yourself tangled in the web of curses and spells, fear not! There are specialists out there who can help you break free from the magical mess.

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Astrological remedies to protect yourself from black magic

Holashtak – that time of the year when restrictions are in full swing but fear not! Here are some remedies and practices to mitigate negative influences and bring positivity during this period: 

Observing fast: So, fasting is the name of the game during Holashtak. It’s like a detox for your body and mind, who doesn’t love a good challenge? Plus, it’s a great excuse to complain about being hungry all day!

Mantras and More Mantras: Chanting mantras and prayers is the Holashtak anthem. It’s like your spiritual playlist to summon good vibes and keep the negative ones at bay. Just chant away and hope for the best! 

Do Charity: Time to break out the wallet and show some love to the less fortunate. It’s like a charity marathon during Holashtak – the more you give, the better you’ll feel about yourself. Plus, who doesn’t love earning some good karma points? 

Practising meditation: Practising meditation during Holashtak, brings inner peace, positivity and relaxation of mind. 

Blessings from elders: Seeking blessings from elders can bring success in life and bring happiness to your home.

Yantras: Yantras are mystical diagrams or symbols used in Vedic astrology to invoke positive energies and protect against negative forces. Placing yantras in your home or workplace can help create a protective barrier.

In the fascinating world of astrology, black magic isn’t something you can’t overcome. By learning about astrology and using its power, you can shield yourself and live a happier life. Just keep in mind that astrology gives us helpful hints and solutions, but you have to be open-minded and truly want things to get better.

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